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Transients Online Survey

For the purpose of this survey, a transient homeless individual is someone that lacks permanent living arrangements. They can be floating from area to area or hitch hiking or attempting to get to another for one reason or another.

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How many transient homeless have you encountered within the last year (January 2013-present)?:

What was the age range of these transient homeless requesting assistance?:

Was the household composed of single adults or a family with children?:

Where were the transient homeless individuals relocating from or the last known residence?:

Did the individual(s) or organization indicate any substance abuse issues with the transient homeless individual or family?:

If yes, what type of substance abuse issue was indicated?:

Did the individual(s) or organization indicate any mental health issues with the transient homeless individual or family?:

Were they receiving any type of treatment or counseling at time of intake?:

Was this individual running from the law?:

What type of service(s) were requested from your organization or agency from the transient homeless individual or household?:

What type of services did you actually issue from your organization or agency?:

What agencies or organizations did you refer the transient or homeless individual to upon requesting services?:

What were some of the barriers that your organization or agency had with the referral process?:

Did your organization or agency run any background checks on the transient homeless?:

What would be helpful in creating a systematic process for the Somerset County transient homeless population?:

How much in total did you financially assist within the last year for transients within Somerset County?:

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