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About This Blog

A blog maintained by the administrators of the Community Action Partnership for Somerset County website.  Updates to the website and agency can be found here.


General agency information related to the Community Action Partnership for Somerset County will be posted in this blog.  Any updates to the website will also be shared in this blog.  Please check back often for updates.

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Links of Interest

A Links of Interest has been established on our website homepage and the Community Services page.  For more information please review this blog post or click here.

The Links of Interest can be found on the home page of our website and on the Community Services webpage.  These links have been established according to the search analytics of our website.  The analytics show us the most popular search topics on our website.  We will be using the most popular search topics to populate our Links of Interest section. 

The following links will be available in our Links of Interest section:

  1. Poverty Guidelines
  2. Poverty Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions
  3. 2012 Poverty Guidelines
  4. Fingerprinting
  5. Careers/Employment

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