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A blog maintained by the administrators of the Community Action Partnership for Somerset County website.  Updates to the website and agency can be found here.


General agency information related to the Community Action Partnership for Somerset County will be posted in this blog.  Any updates to the website will also be shared in this blog.  Please check back often for updates.

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Help us identify the needs of Somerset County!

Please take a few moments of your time to complete a short survey found at: www.somersetneeds.org

For more information please CLICK HERE.

Tableland Services, Inc. is conducting a needs assessment survey for all Somerset County residents.

The purpose of the survey is to identify the needs of Somerset County residents in the areas of childhood education and care; transportation; housing; weatherization and other areas. Responses from the survey will be used to help Tableland better provide the services that are needed by County residents. I urge you to complete the survey and please distribute it to your friends, colleagues and family members in Somerset County.  

The survey is available at www.somersetneeds.org.  

If needed, paper copies of the survey will be available by contacting Tableland at (814) 445-9628. Thank you for your participation.

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