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Preschool Services

Early Childhood Education programs provide quality comprehensive services to 236 preschool children and their families. The Early Childhood Education programs are funded with both federal and state monies and provide these services at no cost to eligible families.

The Early Childhood Education programs have families in most of the 11 school districts. There are classrooms in Berlin, Confluence, Eagle View, Kantner, Maple Ridge, Meyersdale, Salisbury, Shade.

What does comprehensive services mean? The best way to look at the Early Childhood Education programs is to look at its different components or parts. It is like the parts of a puzzle that need to fit together to give the whole picture.

Head Start Mission Statement

Somerset County Head Start supports the school readiness development of young children, including those with special needs, and the progress of their families by promoting the self sufficiency of low income families through education and interactive partnerships.


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