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Somerset County Transportation System

We provide shared ride transportation service in Somerset County. We provide service for senior citizens, disabled, medical assistance, and general public clients. We have 15 wheel chair accessible vans. 

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Location & Contact Numbers

535 East Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501
(Located behind CAPFSC/Tableland Main Office)

Direct Line:

Lori MATP Coordinator
814-445-9628 ext. 236

Becky Dispatcher
814-445-9628 ext. 237

Reservation Agent
814-445-9628  ext, 238

Mike Director of Transportation
814-445-9628  ext. 239

Fax Line:

Toll Free:

The Transportation System is made possible through the support of:


  • Somerset County Board of Commissioners

  • Area Agency on Aging of Somerset County

  • Pennsylvania Lottery Fund administered through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

  • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

  • Department of Community and Economic Development

  • Rider Fares and Contributions

Somerset County Transportation System


  • SCTS is operated by The Community Action Partnership for Somerset County Tableland Services, Inc.




What Is Somerset County Transportation System?

In November, 1981, SCTS began operation to access transportation funds made available by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

SCTS is operated in accordance with guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Services are provided by The Somerset County Commissioners and The Community Action Partnership for Somerset County/ Tableland Services, Inc. as the operating agency.

Transportation is provided to the general public on a demand response basis. Everyone must be scheduled at least (1) day in advance of desired service. Transportation services are scheduled daily prior to 2:00 pm.  The local phone number is 814-445-9628 ext 238 for the reservation agent, to speak with Lori the MATP Coordinator call 814-445-9628 ext 236, to speak with Becky the Dispatcher 814-445-9628 ext 237, and to speak with Mike the Director of Transportation 814-445-9628 ext 239. 

The system operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Transportation services are not available on Somerset County holidays. Our first scheduled pick up daily is 8:00 am and all pick ups must be completed by 4:00 pm. Passengers are requested to contact the office regarding potential early or late pickup and drop off times. We have 15 vehicles in our present system. All 15 are equipped with a wheel chair lift or ramp. 

Travel Lanes

Central City Area 
Monday Through Friday service to Windber and Johnstown. All day pick ups.
Please make your appointments no earlier than 10 am and the last pick up is 1500

Thursday only to Somerset. Drop is 1000 and the pick up is 1300

Hollsopple Area
Monday through Friday to Windber and Johnstown. All day pick ups.
Please make your appointments no earlier than 900  and the last pick up is 1500
Monday through Friday to Somerset. Drop time will be 0900 and pick up will be 1130.

Boswell, Stoystown, Jennerstown, Gray, Berlin, Bakersville, Edie.
We have service Monday through Friday from these location to Somerset. Please make your appointments no earlier than 0900 and no later than 1500 to allow travel time to these locations.

Service from Rockwood to Somerset is Monday, Wednesday and Friday drop off at 1000 pickup at 1400

We have service everday in Confluence. 
Confluence to Somerset every 1st and 4th Friday of the month and every Tuesday drop off at 1000 pickup at noon.
Confluence to Uniontown area every 2nd and 3rd Friday of the month.
Confluence to Meyersdale every Wednesday drop off 1000 pick up at noon.

Salisbury to Meyersdale and Meyerdale to Meyersdale everyday.
Meyersdale area to Somerset Tuesday and Thursday drop off 0930 and pick up 1400.

Meyersdale area to Somerset, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Drop off 1100 pick up 1500.

In town trips everyday Monday through Friday; drop off 0800 to 1500. Pickups until 1600.

Johnstown Galleria Trip
Every Friday as long as we have at least 3 passengers. Passengers who live in Rockwood, Meyersdale, Berlin, Somerset, and the Boswell area may take this special trip. Drop off time is 1000 and pick up at 1430. 

Windber to Johnstown drop off times 0900,1100,1300,1500. Pick up times 1000,1200,1400,1600.
Windber to Windber all day everyday.

In the event of a cancellation, we make every effort to re-schedule. Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions. Limited service is provided on days when adverse weather conditions cause area schools to be closed.

Who Can Ride?

Anyone can schedule a ride. But for free or reduced fare services; you must be registered as eligible for one or more of the many programs available. We have several fare reimbursed funds that passengers may qualify for. In order to evaluate the passenger's individual qualifications we request that each person visit our office to register. If needed, we can provide round trip transportation for their registration process. Please contact the office in order to determine what information is needed to register.


The Following Programs Are Available:

  • A.A.A.
    Area Agency on Aging requirements Proof of ages 60-64. This funding allows trips to priority destinations like Medical,  Pharmacy, Grocery shopping, Visiting, and certain Social Services for a client fare of only $1.25 for each trip! Proof of age can be emailed or brought into the office or by sending a copy in the mail.

  • H.S.D.F. - Human Services Development Fund
    Requirements: Age 18-59, Low Income Eligible, Live in Somerset County. 
    There is no passenger co-pay for HSDF funded trips.  However, HSDF funds are limited and SCTS allocates the funds monthly.  Any income and age eligible person must come to our office and complete an eligibility form.  Proof of income must be provided.

  • M.A.T.P. - Medical Assistance Transportation Program
    This is available to anyone who has a current access card from the Department of Public Welfare.  Any eligible person can utilize the van service or can be reimbursed mileage to and from appointments when using their own vehicle.  These persons must first come to our office to enroll for this program.  Transportation to and from medical appointments and pharmacies are the only trips that are eligible.  This funding pays 100% of the fare.

  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Rural Transportation Program
    Provided to Somerset County residents who are certified under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Must be between ages 18-64.  PWD will pay 85% of the fare, passengers pay 15%.  Can be used to commute to and from work site and other destinations such as bank, post office, etc.  Pre-registration is required.

  • Lottery Program
    Ages 65 plus. The lottery pays 85% of all trips in the travel lanes regardless of purpose. The Area Agency on Aging offsets the fares to  priority destinations like Medical,  Pharmacy, Grocery shopping, Visiting, and certain Social Services for a client fare of only $1.25 for each trip! Proof of age can be emailed or brought into the office or by sending a copy in the mail.